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Custom Residential Homes 

Zaratsian Builders has built a solid reputation within Akron, Ohio and the surrounding area. We believe that reputation matters, and it starts with consistent, quality work and a commitment to building sincere customer relationships. It is important to know how a builder treats their homeowners; it matters how they communicate throughout the process; and it matters how the homeowners feel after the home is completed and even months and years later.

​Renovations and Home Improvements

It's important to have someone with the experience and knowledge to advise you throughout the renovation process. Home improvements and renovations typically come with two core challenges:

1. Design Aesthetics - Zaratsian builders can provide you with ideas and recommendations to leverage your financial investment as well as improve the look and feel of your home.

2. Structural Integrity - Renovations require that we understand the existing structure, building codes, and maintain the highest level of quality throughout the process. Zaratsian Builders has a proven track record in this area in both residential and commercial renovations.

Commercial Construction

Throughout the years, Zaratsian Builders has been approached for a variety of commercial construction projects. These projects range from brand new commercial construction, extensive remodeling, as well as small upgrades. A few commercial projects include:

- Smoothie King

- Legends Sports Pub and Grille

- Manny's Pub

- Menches Brothers

​- E Martini

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